Transformers Megatron History

With good comes evil. Leader of the evil Decepticons, Megatron is the main antagonist of the Transformers series. The name originally came from the combination of the word combinations of Megaton and Electronic. The name was initially rejected, saying it sounded too dangerous. However, as the lead-villain of the series, this was onlyappropriate. He was, after all, rated as the 68th all-time greatest villain in Wizard Magazine ( The Magazine of Comics, Entertainment and Pop-Culture)

Transformers Megatron

“Peace through tyranny!” and “Lesser creatures are the playthings of my will” are mottos associated with Megatron. He is depicted as a powerful and ruthless character. Originally, Megatron could only transform from robot into a Walther P38. In the robot form, his primary weapon is a fusion canon which is mounted in his arm. This canon is destructively powerful, capable of demolishing a city block with just a single blast. In the Walther P38 form, Megatron is able to produce energy blasts that are more focussed. In this form, he can either maintain his full-size which is capable of being fitted to jet-mode Starscream's underside, or shrink so that he could be held by another decepticon or even smaller still to be wielded by a human.

Megatron's character is quite complex. On one hand, he is seen as a ruthless leader of the Decepticons and one who has no tolerance for disrespect – as seen in his difficult relationship with fellow Decepticon Starscream. He has no known weaknesses but his overconfidence at times caused him and the Decepticons to lose decisive operations and battles with the Autobots. There have been instances where he displayed fair play and even honour – a perplexing and complex situation but one that is not without rationale, albeit one being one he and only he can understand.


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