Ratchet The Transformer

Appearing in the Transformers Generation1, Ratchet was almost always portrayed as the Autobots' chief medical officer over the many forms ( comic run, cartoon, movie etc )  who transforms into an earth ambulance in vehicle mode. He was not  featured  in recent Transformers universe until the recently where he was portrayed as a  Rescue Hummer H2 in the 2007 live action film.  Due to trademark issues in the U.S. Ratchet was also referred to Autobot Ratchet, Autobot Rescue and Red Alert

 Ratchet Hummer


Apart from that, there have been other variants of Ratchet in that he had two Robot modes/forms which was rarely or never In fact seen in the comic run and television cartoon series. This was seen in the toy mode of Ratchet however.. He was also the longest-lived of all Transformers in Marvel Transformers comic series.


Ratchet The Transformer Being a medical officer, Ratchet is hardly ever seen on the battlefield. Often seen in the Autobot base with fellow Autobot  Wheeljack creating and repairing those injured. In fact, it was Ratchet, along with Wheeljack that were credited for creating the Dinobots, in an attempt to boost the ranks of the Autobots against the Decepticons.


He is always one to promote peace, believing that war isn't always the only solution.  However, he is most loyal and courageous, demonstrated time after time. He would obey Optimus Prime's every command, even if it mean going to the battlefield against his principles and beliefs.   Among the saying associated with Ratchet are “You break it, I'll remake it”, “All life is precious”, “Peace may triumph over war” and “Hold still. This won't hurt a bit”


Ratchet's weapons include a rotary saw from his left arm and his right arm is capable of transforming into a machine gun. Other abilities include a laser scan system, enhanced senses ( all based on the 2007 live action-movie), as well as X-Ray vision ( based on Jennifer Franz's  Transformers – Meet the Autobots” book )

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