Transformer Ironhide


Reliability is the keyword that can be used to describe the oldest of the Autobots, Ironhide. Having travelled across the universe hundreds of times over the times, the Autobots' weapon specialist is probably the most battle-worn and it is most evident in his war-torn body. With shrapnel all-over his body as a result from hundreds of battles, right-hip bypassed uncountable times, his timing system and power core are irregular but his optics are the sharpest and most effective ever on Cybertron

Transformer Ironhide 

Among his favourite sayings are “I grind Decepticons into garbage any way I can" , “High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts", "Slow is as slow does" and  "Being fast is an asset, but nothing replaces guts!" which refers to his his slow speed – the slowest of the Autobots in fact. His slowness is, however compensated by his skin which is made of special kind of steel. With this, most forms of attacks are harmless to him, making him the least vulnerable of all the Autobots.

Ironhide also shoots a variety of liquids – from super-heated lead to ultra-cool nitrogen. On top of that, he is equipped with radar, sonar and radio-wave detector.


Although Ironhide's main function is the weapon's specialist, he was also the military strategist and Optimus Prime's personal bodyguard and old friend. He was more often than not seen as a warrior on a battlefield or also as an officer leading a team of Autobots, as would Prime's advisers Jazz and Prowl.


Despite him having a seemingly tough exterior, Ironhide is soft and kind on the inside as evident in his strong relationship with female-Autobot Chromia as well as his strong bond with the human allies of the Autobots – engaging with them in a friendly and social manner as much as protecting them.

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