Transformers Frenzy

Although the name Frenzy has been seen as a character since Generation 1 along with other cassete Decepticons such as Ravage and Buzzsaw, it is a totally different variant from the one in the 2007 Michael Bay-directed live action film. 


One of the smallest of the Decepticons, Frenzy can change into many shapes such as the silver GPX boombox and a car CD player, all for the purposes of spying which he does exceptionally well. He took on the roll that was originally Soundwave's but the character of Frenzy have cnhaged too much from that of being Soundwave's.


Standing at only 4ft, he is not on not only agile but light in weight as evident when the air stewardess of US Air Force One picked him up in his boombox mode with ease. His weapons include CD-like shurikens firing out from his chest and small automatic weapons on his hands.


He is sometimes comic and at others fast, furious and manic, living up to his name and motto of “Sow panic and surrender will bloom”. He is the only Decepticon that differs in the sense he has blue coloured optics instead of the rest, who are red in colour.


He is the Decepticon that was given the most screen time. Although small in size and easily damaged, his importance to the Decepticons cannot be pushed aside. He, after all single-handedly discovered the location of the All-Spark. He can also survive with just his head, as seen in the film where after he was decaptivated, he still scanned Mikaela's mobile phone to continue the task given to him.


Most of Frenzy's lines are spoken in a fast tone. There are still debates of what language it actually is...believed to be between a mix of Cybertronian, some English and very Fast Tuntankhamen (based on director Michael Bay's commentary DVD) 

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