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Japanese Transformers Toys generally differ from the ones that are available elsewhere. It differs from the ones in the U.S and U.K markets in the sense that it may have different colour schemes or limited editions not available elsewhere and so on.


Hasbro initially reissued previously released toys from the Takara line, namely Microman(ミクロマン ) and Diaclone (ダイアクロン) . Hasbro issued toys by combining and rebranding them the under Transformers in the US in 1984. It was not until 1985 that Transformers actually made its debut in Japan.


Basically, the Transformers toys in Japan are marketed by Takara, as opposed to the ones marketed internationally by Hasbro. Takara still has control over the actual manufacture of the toys while Hasbro does most of the character creation and majority of the concept work


In Japan, some names differ form that in the US. For instance. the Autobots and Decepticons  are known as Cybertrons and Destrons respectively. Optimus Prime was known as Convoy in Japan. Below are some of the differences/characteristics of the Japanese Transformers toyline.

Generation 1
Transformers : The Headmasters (1987)
. There were some releases in Japan that were never issued in the US such as Airfire and Stepper (repainted, Targetmaster versions of Inferno  and  Jazz respectively). There were also several new cassettes such as Noizu and Gurafi who merged to form Decibel as well as Dairu and Zauru who combined to form Legout. There were also a number of individually  packaged headmaster figures such as Kark aka Kirk aka  Kaku, Rofa aka Rover or Loafer and Trizor aka Trizer. The many different names in Japanese figures are due to the many different interpretations of the Japanese pronunciation



Transformers : Operation Combination

The Combaticons and Protectobots have been repainted and some name changes occurred. Bruticus is now known as Battle Gaea while Defensor is known as Guard City.