Transformer Generation 1 Toys

Basically, the Generation 1(G1) Transformers toys have remained an all-time fan favourite, especially for those who were around when the toys were first issued. It is something fans can identify with. It is not only is scarce but it has grown substantially in value due to its classic status as well as Collectors' Items. For most of these people, they are the only 'real' Transformers toys. Basically, Generation 1 are the years between 1984-1990. There are differences between the releases in US, UK/Europe as well as those of Japan.

Basically, as with most other generations, there have been many versions of a figure released in Generation One (US) Among them are first incarnations of Optimus Prime and Megatron, many familiar G1 subgroups such as Dinobots, minispies, Targetmasters, Headmasters, Aerialbots, Predacons, Pretenders, Cassettes for Blaster and Soundwave and many more.


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In Europe, most of the Generation 1(1984-1993) releases were also available in the US. European Generation 1 subgroups include the turbomasters (aka cannonmasters) aquaspeeders, rescue force, predators, obliterators, lightformers, skyscorches and stormtroopers.


In Japan, several Generation 1(1985-1992) releases were limited in edition, some had different colour schemes and some releases even  had different names. Some of the difference in names include Cybertrons for Autobots, Destrons for the Decepticons and Convoy for Optimus Prime.


For new Transformers fans who intend in starting Transformers toys collecting, Generation 1 would be the perfect line to start off with. Do take time to shop around compare the prices and toys that are available in the market. It would be a wise move and investment as well.