Transformer Beast Wars

Beast Wars : Transformers is a Transformers toy line released by Hasbro (1995-1999). Based on that, a full CG-animated television series was released in 1996. The series received Emmys and was set in the original Transformers universe and is a sequel to the original series.


In Beast Wars, there are two main groups. First, there are Predacons who happen to be descendants of the evil Decepticons while the Maximals are the heroic Autobots of the future. The leader of the Predacons is also  known as Megatron while Optimus Primal lead the Maximals.


The story is based upon the search for Energons powerful crystals to be used for power and dominance. The Predacons, with the aid of the artifact known as the Golden Disk set out on the transwarp-equipped and stolen ship Darkside. The Maximals aboard Axalon, the Maximal exploration ship was sent to intervene. Together, the two ships  travelled through time as a result of the space/time phenomenon caused by the transwarp device during the battle in space and crashed on a mysterious planet.



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The new planet was soon found to contain huge deposits of raw Energon. This huge quantity proved to be hazardous towards both the Predacons and Maximals robot forms, requiring them to take the forms of beasts such as birds, insects, dinosaurs, arachnids and mammals


Some of the more familiar and popular characters in Transformers : Beast Wars series include Transmutate, Una, Ravage, Rampage, Quickstrike, Inferno, Blackarachnia, Terrorsaur, Starscream, Tarantulas, Vok, Rhinox, Cheetor, Sentinel, Rattrap, Dinobot, Dinobot II, Silverbolt, Waspinator, Tigatron, Tigerhawk, Airazor, Depth Charge, Ramhorn, Seaclamp, Optimus Primal, Megatron and many others.


While the series spawned some comic series, books and even video games with the show receiving accolades, there were some initial resentment from Transformers purists who were against the idea of using beasts instead of vehicles as alternate modes. However, this notion phased out as the original Transformers (G1) did have some beasts

(Dinobots, Predacons etc)