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Bumblebee Transformer Toy

One of the Autobots, the little yellow bug is one of the main and most popular characters since Transformers Generation 1, Bumblebee is a small robot which was originally a  Yellow 1952 Volkswagen Beetle, nicknamed the Bug and later on, was to be known as Goldbug following a major rebuild by the Quintessons during the madness plague. In the comic (US) ongoing series, he has since changed the name back to Bumblebee.

The Transformer 2007 Movie, Bumblebee was first seen as a 1976 CAMARO and later on, changed to his alternate mode which is the sporty 2009 CHEVROLET CAMARO. In the movie Bumblebee is rendered mute from a battle injury and communicates through radio playback.

Bumblebee History